I am a forty something year old writer. Most of the writing has been poetry. Once, completed a rough draft of over ninety thousand words, a horror novel. My wife merrily drove through quite a few plot holes in the story. But that was alright. šŸ™‚ *chuckling*


We have several dogs and two cats. They are our children. For a few different reasons me and the wife cannot manage to create nor adopt human children. We are both quite happy in adopting our four legged, furry children. We jokingly say, “at least if we toss them outside it won’t necessarily be seen as child abuse.”

One of our dogs is a black lab and pit bull mutt. He is my chief of security. Recently, he has been battling a monster of his own. He seems to have what I speculate is cancer in his rump.

Not taking him to a veterinarian for a what I warrant as good reasons. He is an older dog, for one. There would likely be little a vet could do to remove / cure a cancer. I respect him enough that if he suffers too terribly; I will be the one to assist him in leaving with dignity. He is a courageous hero in my life and a good friend, I love dearly.

Another is a kind of English small game hunting terrier. He is my wife’s old man / baby. Often he burrows under the covers on our bed. For as little as he is, when he sprawls out in bed he takes up nearly all the room. Some nights, as I go to bed after my wife does, I have to fuss at him to let me get into bed. He’s about half a smart ass in that regard. Still love him as well.

Then, we have three in an outdoor kennel. It seems they may have some hints of great Pyrenees, lab mixing going on. I call them the dwarfs, which is a complete misnomer by any means. Ant keeping them in a kennel seems futile as well. Two of the three have figure out coming over the fencing. Damn teenagers! They’re such a spoiled lot, and you’re left unable to do more than love them as well. All our dogs are of the wisenheimer variety. No idea at all where they get it from. šŸ˜‰

Operating System And Software

Me and my wife have used Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Gnu/Linux for over a decade now, both between us and respectively. We enjoy using Open Source software as it grants a lot of choice. One can use any text editing program from sed to emacs, for example.

We have learned too, newer versions are not always better versions. We are both fairly adamant in regards to our preferences, although ultimate we find ourselves as moderate utilitarians. “Does it do x? … Okay, good to go.”

Also Gnu/Linux with being Open Source allows one to express themselves by dabbling with programming as a bit of a hobby. I do this at times and have been honored by having bits of my code dubbed “a good hack” by a well respected hacker. It is truly a humbling honor to have such an expression seen to be valued.

Religion, Philosophy, Politics, Blah

I am an existentialist. To better grasp the meaning of this concept please read Albert Camus, Satire, Richard Bach. What it means to me is that I choose not be bothered with religion, politics, philosophy, blah. I see them for being absurdities. I have better tasks to bother over, bringing meaning to my own life for one thing.

Do I believe in God? Well, I’m not sure. No, not really, although you may want to read on.

“So your an agnostic?” No. You see I’m not sure that I believe in what you consider god/God. I believe in the cosmos itself, I believe in the great IS.

And no, that is not I.S.I.S, or I.S.I.L. It is the IS that is potentiality, the spark of creativity and innovation, of existing or being, becoming. This IS is ever present, eternal, indivisible, omnipotent, omniscient and part of every one of us. If you want to call that god/God, you’re welcome to it.

But, please don’t suggest it to others. They need to find it on their own. The IS does not need, want anyone doing anything for it. In fact anything you do is its expression of itself, even if you do nothing. So, you don’t need to start some holy war for the IS. Just do the following.

Live and let live.

Thanks. And the same applies for politics. I’m not political, merely an anarchist that practices the principal of non-aggression. This means I believe in not initiating force or violence against anyone else. It does not exactly imply I am a pacifist. I am, yet I reserve the right of self defense and defensive support of those I love. In simple terms, I don’t start trouble but if you bring it, I’ll do my best to stop it. You’ll know you had a fight.

Rather not fight though. Find it much more enjoyable, tranquil to hold arms wide open for a friendly hug. šŸ™‚ I try getting on as well as I can with people despite being an INTP personality type. We tend to be cantankerous old cynical farts that see twenty years ahead by looking back forty years. *chuckles*

In regards to religion, I’m an atheist. I do not believe in theology / religion/s. i do not need promise of rewards for being moral & ethical, nor do I need threat of terrifying punishments for stumbling and simply being human, imperfect. Difficult enough at times to simply live to my own highest right, be myself. Do not need others defining me, classifying me, controlling me. They are not me, I am not them despite our cosmic unity.

So I’m kind of way out in the big wide open field, or as the site theme suggests, out in the verges or the voids. šŸ™‚


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