Sat 01 Mar 2014 01:52:38 PM EST

Brought the wife’s grandfather home today. The hospital will be sending hospice services. The fellow come last night with the rented out hospital style bed.

Not sure if I will stay ahead in the writing. As a family we may be headed into some rough waters. Think it is obvious what those entail.

Will do what I am capable to do. May be rather “out of touch” for a bit. Her grandfather did not seem to be faring well at all yesterday.

This for me will be losing a second grandfather in a year’s time. Would rather be down deep in a submarine, unable to pause for an instant to think about that. Unfortunately, that and comforting my wife is all I can think about, more so to comfort her.

We both understand death as part of life. Understanding in this case, does not help take away the sting of loss. Grandparents are supposed to live forever, in the best of health. They are immortal super heroes.


Wed 26 Feb 2014 10:47:11 EST

Many years ago, I had some conversations with several various entities whom were military, spook types. These conversations provide some insight which at the time made little sense. As it turns out, well, anyone whom can read or watch television may well see where we are.

This outline is a guideline for a strategy. We have seen the affects of this strategy. We can combat it by saying, “no”. We can love. We can share. We can help one another. To these we can say yes. To the strategy we can say no.

___ A Strategy Outlined ____

1. First one needs control of media. Through media one can control perceptions via producing misinformation. Controlling perceptions allows one to control value.

2. Second, after gaining control of value, one may control
money. Controlling money allows you to take a reach for the next two items.

3. Third, you take control of industry through the control of money. Once you have industry you can control the product, any product. If you have a lock on supply, you can control demand, you have all the needed product. This lets you step up to the next level.

4. Fourth, you control the military via exercising control of demand, money, media. You are capable at this point to stir the media into tossing misinformation at your own people. This lets you tout plausible causes of “others” hating you and your people. “Oh they are jealous because well, we have ‘product’ and they don’t.” “Our might equates to divine right.”


Well if you having control of all “product” do not share freely, of course you do injustice to perceived others. Here is the problem. You sought all this control based upon a lie. There are no others. We are all one in the same.

Fear of difference creates this one lie. This one lie pervades everything. It creates a systematic stratagem for total domination by means most foul. We have to step aside, letting it pass. It will pass too.

Enough of us say no, the strategy will die. Of course, the fear mongers will try again, and again. We must remain vigilant, loving, compassionate.


An update on my wife’s grandfather here. It was learned yesterday that doctors tell him, he has three to six months without any definitive date set. He has cancer in his lungs, it metastasized into his bones.

Yesterday, wife spent time with her sister, dad. They all got with grandfather, arrangements were plotted. Think everyone is feeling both a sense of sadness and a sense of relief in the knowing. It’s a really somber air presently.

Asked my wife last night, “who is carrying him home”, that is what Appalachian tradition seems apt calling being a pallbearer. The folks carrying the casket to the grave, carry them home. My wife replied very matter of fact, “well you are of course”.

I may have looked befuddled. She then suggested I didn’t need to but it was what was assumed and agreed upon. I nodded and told her it was an honor. One I had not really expected. Sure, I love her grandfather, love her, love the family. I just had not figured her grandfather would consider me for such a traditional honor. She told me he said “that old Barney can take me home”.

Well, rather talked out for now.

Tue 25 Feb 2014 11:26:00 EST

Regarding the writing, I am ahead up until the first of next month. Been manifesting a schedule sort of behind the scenes. I write up three to four days ahead, then on the second day of the first batch cycling through, I write up another three to four ahead.

This helps in keeping the writing from becoming a mechanical chore. I often find that once I get into doing things, the sense of going through the motions sets in. Anything I can do to avoid this is helpful.

The wife’s grandfather seems to have pulled through to a better state. We joked that he was full of poop, as he recently enjoyed some healthy bowel movements. And yes, sometimes being “loaded up” can make a person feel a lot worse than they need.

He is going to go to a rehab center over in the next town. It is a half and half center, he’ll have a room there to convalesce and physical therapy on site. All the family is hopeful he will “buck up” and be okay.

Of course, we all also realize the large elephant in the room is seeming to not go away. Her grandfather has enjoyed a long and full life. Entropy can be such a sadist at times. But that is life in its own natural course, love or hate it.

Well, reflected enough here for a bit. More reflection going on, in a deeper level. Difficult at times in expressing stuff in words. Sure, we INTP types are architects and communicators. Even the best of us can admit at that at times, words merely get in the way.

Hope everything is going well for those reading. I genuinely do, regardless. That is what is to be human, to be true to oneself. And so, I go to live.