Sat 01 Mar 2014 01:52:38 PM EST

Brought the wife’s grandfather home today. The hospital will be sending hospice services. The fellow come last night with the rented out hospital style bed.

Not sure if I will stay ahead in the writing. As a family we may be headed into some rough waters. Think it is obvious what those entail.

Will do what I am capable to do. May be rather “out of touch” for a bit. Her grandfather did not seem to be faring well at all yesterday.

This for me will be losing a second grandfather in a year’s time. Would rather be down deep in a submarine, unable to pause for an instant to think about that. Unfortunately, that and comforting my wife is all I can think about, more so to comfort her.

We both understand death as part of life. Understanding in this case, does not help take away the sting of loss. Grandparents are supposed to live forever, in the best of health. They are immortal super heroes.