Shall take until Monday as a slight holiday from production. This gives

opportunity to decide on elaborate character dossiers, or writing

manuscript draft. Not sure which I ought to do presently. The story will

be there come Monday either way. I am a bit split over technique or


I have a five page plot synopsis drafted. It is not quite five pages and

requires a little revision. I will hold back portions of what I have

already, and only use enough to fill pages. That way I keep writing I

feel may benefit the story.

Also completed are one page character synopsis for each of four

principle characters. I have not fleshed out minor characters with

synopsis as I think such would not serve enough benefit of the story.

These minor characters are simply that, characters who visit in the

principle character’s stories.

Humbled apologies, I am not discussing the story itself in depth. All

I may say is it has romance, lessons of life inside. A good bit of the

story comes from life experience, some my own, some from other people

who passed through my life. All in all, I think it is a potent story

which can entertain and offer a positive perspective on life. Hope

readers will find enjoyment in it, when it is published.


Venturing a charted path

I have been preoccupied a bit lately. Got started on a story I feel

confident will be a novel. Currently, I am finishing the development and

planning phase of the story.

Found a method which seems to function well enough to help me outline

stories. It also helps in letting me see that a story is worth commitment.

Used to set and free write, wind up getting fouled in the plotting or

fleshing out the body.

Coming at a story this way changes that by letting me have a map. The

map can be changed if needed, it is not set in stone. It still frees

me up by relieving stress associated with not having a clear path from

start to finish.

Think I will continue using this method. And no, there are no spoilers

here. The story will be written under a pen name.

Either I will market the story by direct submissions to publishers, or

I’ll submit it for agents. Few will know to correlate any pen name/s

that I use, with me. Not writing for any fame.

I write to tell a story, hopefully readers will be entertained. Readers

may expand their horizons as well in becoming educated with different

points of view. Yes, I may earn some modest revenue. I have family, we

need to live. I will also ensure we make charitable contributions to


This is in part what I’m choosing as a career. Another part is having

fun and working a bit hard, being a down to Earth country boy and small

scale Gardner/Farmer. I’m also a husband and a Papa to the critter kids

who choose to live with us.

Choosing Choice

Choice makes untenable situations, tenable choose choice.

Choice and having freedom of it also grants one omnipotence. It is
freedom of choice which is all powerful. Choice may create a world or
destroy it.

Those who write, tell stories learned this long ago. Myth was a means
to harness this power. In myths ideas are promoted in cleverly chosen
opinions, or what one believes.

Belief is nothing more than speculation regarding the unknown. Those who
can by means of choosing to create myths, also gain control by creation
of speculations regarding the unknown.

Myths serve to create worlds based upon opinions, which are perceptions,
speculations upon the unknown. These can then form as religions,
dogmatic beliefs regarding all the unknowns in our own individual world.

The hermetic understand well the axiom, “know thyself”. It is in
this knowing of themselves the hermetic come to know all humanity, and
its fears regarding unknowns. It is easily deduced from this vantage
point that humanity may be harnessed as energy via use of myths, or
stories promoting ideas, opinions about unknowns.

This is why humanity became obsessed with space exploration. Myths
guided humanity to explore beyond our world seeking out some celestial
entity greater than ourselves.

This entity was used also to enact a belief system of coincidence and
fatalism. How often heard is the expression, “leave it to God”,
or “it was God’s will”? Humanity by exploration has discovered no
celestial entity does exist, or at least not in the celestial sense.

This misdirection led humanity into creation of a world benefiting
exploration, innovation, the power to will. It is the power to will that
was harnessed to steer us to achieve further advances in technology
which leads in empowering us by removal of fears.

The phrase, “we came, we saw and we conquered” reveals much truth in
this regard. Humanity indeed was conquered and that was the objective
goal ultimately.

This is the parasite of greed. It thrives upon misdirection to attain
power. Greed then uses this power to subdue its host and suckle away the
host’s energy.

Greed is an idea, one that tells each of us the lie that we need more,
better, more. Avarice also lies to us by suggesting ideas cannot die.
Ideas can indeed die. Each of us must regain our own power. We each can
choose to starve greed out. It will be then when greed dies for each of
us respectively.

It is then greed will die in our world collectively. Exposure of an evil
kills the evil. Welcome to the daylight, greed. Hope enjoy basking in
the more of the light of love.

Taking breath

Life moves on and change with it. There are a good bit of changes going on in my life. Those who need know, know.

Some of the changes I look forward to coming. Others I, have to wonder about. I have confidence in abilities, potential.

That does not infer there are not things I need further assurance over. Those exist also in considering the changes. Still these are not enough to deter a desire for the better changes.

All of this noted, I am starting to think life is trying to give me some tranquility and peace. Yes, the changes will require sacrifice and hard work. I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to pitch into that. I’m not exactly flinching and shying away either.

Chief Red Cloud once said, “Courage is not the lack of fear but setting fear aside for something more important.” For me what is more important is love, providing, protecting and caring for that love. It is in that love that I find breath.
Many religions, philosophies teach us that breath is our soul, or spirit.

Swore a sacred vow to someone’s grandfather she would remain loved and not harmed. Well if it means I need to misbehave to do it, then I aim to misbehave. Although it will not misbehaving in any way others may misconstrue for their own ends. I will honor the vow I made.

Woman Without Medical Degree or PhD Wins Nobel Prize for Anti-Malaria Medicine

She Had No Medical Degree or PhD But Just Won Nobel Prize for Medicine

Read somewhere too, chlorine allegedly cures malaria. Not sure of that. Even if it did think I would like the Chinese based cure better. Kind of sounds like absinthe though I’m sure it probably is not that exactly.

This also proves a theory of mine. One does not need a degree from higher education in order to solve problems, reach aspirations, goals. Of course Henry Ford kind of proves that as well. He only attained a third grade education yet created Ford Motor Company.

Obama fried

President Barack Obama: Well– Steve, I got to tell you, if you think
that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops
in, in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we’ve got a
different definition of leadership.

I have to ask the obvious. What exactly is Obama doing? Oh yes, the same exact things he is accusing Mr. Putin of doing. The trouble being Mr. Putin is not doing these things. Russia’s total debt to everyone in the world has been paid in full. Look it up, they recently paid off all their debts. Russia is doing fine economically, thriving in fact. The U.S. … not so much.