Shall take until Monday as a slight holiday from production. This gives

opportunity to decide on elaborate character dossiers, or writing

manuscript draft. Not sure which I ought to do presently. The story will

be there come Monday either way. I am a bit split over technique or


I have a five page plot synopsis drafted. It is not quite five pages and

requires a little revision. I will hold back portions of what I have

already, and only use enough to fill pages. That way I keep writing I

feel may benefit the story.

Also completed are one page character synopsis for each of four

principle characters. I have not fleshed out minor characters with

synopsis as I think such would not serve enough benefit of the story.

These minor characters are simply that, characters who visit in the

principle character’s stories.

Humbled apologies, I am not discussing the story itself in depth. All

I may say is it has romance, lessons of life inside. A good bit of the

story comes from life experience, some my own, some from other people

who passed through my life. All in all, I think it is a potent story

which can entertain and offer a positive perspective on life. Hope

readers will find enjoyment in it, when it is published.