Venturing a charted path

I have been preoccupied a bit lately. Got started on a story I feel

confident will be a novel. Currently, I am finishing the development and

planning phase of the story.

Found a method which seems to function well enough to help me outline

stories. It also helps in letting me see that a story is worth commitment.

Used to set and free write, wind up getting fouled in the plotting or

fleshing out the body.

Coming at a story this way changes that by letting me have a map. The

map can be changed if needed, it is not set in stone. It still frees

me up by relieving stress associated with not having a clear path from

start to finish.

Think I will continue using this method. And no, there are no spoilers

here. The story will be written under a pen name.

Either I will market the story by direct submissions to publishers, or

I’ll submit it for agents. Few will know to correlate any pen name/s

that I use, with me. Not writing for any fame.

I write to tell a story, hopefully readers will be entertained. Readers

may expand their horizons as well in becoming educated with different

points of view. Yes, I may earn some modest revenue. I have family, we

need to live. I will also ensure we make charitable contributions to


This is in part what I’m choosing as a career. Another part is having

fun and working a bit hard, being a down to Earth country boy and small

scale Gardner/Farmer. I’m also a husband and a Papa to the critter kids

who choose to live with us.