Choosing focus

Chose to focus on the positive, disregarding the negative.

One could be bitter, even cynical regarding learning many beliefs, ideas
they have been taught in life are only lies. This person then could
choose to see all the negativity these lies have created in our Earth.
Mainly these ideas have caused the erosion of Earth and its destruction,
a decline in humanity to the point that bankers create war.

There is another path here though. This path can lead a person to also
see that humanity has such blindly divine potential. We did go beyond
Earth, we discovered and harnessed electricity and all its wondrous
rewards. Humanity unlocked the code of itself in mapping its DNA genome
and now may program itself to be disease free if desired.

We as humanity may create beautiful symphonies based upon mathematics
used also to unlock atomic fusion, or fission. Sound can and will be
used to harness cosmic energy in a manner the likes of which an eon ago
none could have ever dared dreaming. Light too will be used in such a
manner as we will soon realize that all energy is only vibration and its
many wave forms.

This energy will be produced far in excess of any need of humanity. Upon
attaining such excess we then realize abundance into existence. At that
moment we also realize the end of hunger, if that moment has not indeed
already past. Some research indicates it may have and may have been
concealed within the misdirection that harnessed/es our energy.

When we choose focus, we create new worlds by that very act. This is
what makes the human being divine. In choosing a focus of the positive
over the negative, we may choose to end hunger, oppression, strife, war.
We may choose instead life and love.

Love gives one breath. It is breath many religions, philosophies
teach that is our soul, or spirit. In love we treat one another with
equanimity and we can all use all that granted to us freely. They are no
more fences, no more boundaries. If you doubt this, please cease using
the Internet and World Wide Web this moment. The Internet and World Wide
Web too is a positive choice in focus.

The Internet and World Wide Web have created true justice through
understanding. In understanding we can realize the consideration of
all of us, all of humanity. We as one family now, may decide each
individually to focus upon our positive achievements and our positive
futures. It is through this technology, or tool we created that all
boundaries for any idea, commodity have fallen away. We indeed may truly
stand united in either love and life, or hate and death.

Let us choose the focus that is positive and continue to grow and
evolve. We have only peace to gain and nothing to lose.