“Tides out, Bud.”

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing

Let them. It may be time people are ready to bid farewell to big business, government, money. We can use Hour Money as a replacement, or barter. We can enlist ourselves into voluntarism to do things like fixing roads, building schools and homes, protecting children from abuse.

We, common people can achieve a great deal without any government, big business. More often than not these bigs end up being part of if not all of the problem, or exacerbate with their own prefab solutions. Grow and eat local, create a community garden. Plan ahead in your growing. Grow three times your need. Your community can then offer 1/3 free to the community’s truly needy. Another 1/3 can be used as barter with a neighboring community, attain extra crops your community may not have grown, or maybe wool or livestock.

Never poop where you eat. Cats know this instinctively. That means you don’t make a mess where you grow your food, by chemicals, by wastes, incompetence, stupidity. Always mend fences even if they’re still good. But don’t over intrude.

Look for alternate means of energy production. Got surplus energy? Barter it too. 🙂

So, yeah let the markets crash. Maybe they really are not all that big a deal. The common people are waking, coming away from the bigs and back to being common people. They don’t want to keep supporting the bigs that slaughter them, sometimes literally.