Sugar, meat & a way to live

Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Consuming Red Meat Causes Cancer

While humans, as omnivores, can tolerate eating meat (and have been
doing so for many years, but not in the quantity witnessed today) there
is unique sugar named Neu5Gc, found in most mammals but not in humans,
that triggers an immune response which causes inflammation.

This sugar can be found in red meats (pork, beef, and other livestock),
cow’s milk and certain cheeses. Because the human body is not capable of
producing this sugar naturally when the sugar is absorbed into the
tissues, it is perceived as a foreign invader and activates the immune
system. It is suspected that over time, the chronic inflammation caused
by the immune system response plays a role in the development of cancer.

Skimming over the article reveals an axiom intoned by my late
grandfather, ‘too much of a good thing can kill you’. He would say this
to me and uncle as we suffered diarrhea from over-eating freshly hulled
out walnuts. Grandma would set them in the window sashes to dry prior to
picking them for selling.

She would gather the walnuts as soon as they started falling. Pap would
take her around in about twenty-five miles or so from the house to fetch
them. If she could find them further away, and if she could sweet talk
him, he might have gone thirty miles.

He thought in the same manner regarding good honest work, ‘too much of a
good thing can kill you’. No, my Pap was not one to fear working. Only
saw him shy a way from work once.

It was a shock. He had valid reason to avoid the work in that case. He
knew who the work was done to suit and he had sworn to never aid the
person in any way.

Later on, I learned the person in question had rattled Pap in a way that
was direly contrary to everything he held sacred. Once you crossed Pap,
you would never associate with him again. Pap saw that as best for
everyone, he chose to let whoever crossed him be on their way and him on

Also learned it was rather difficult to cross Pap. Whatever this person
had done had to have been real terrible. No one asked Pap why he felt
cross at the person. It was understood we let it be.

What does this have to do with sugar in meat? Well, it reminds me of the
axiom Pap used to live a moderate life. That relates to my life at
present as well.

Got a letter from a possible employer today. It was a typical ‘Dear
John’ letter, letting me know the position had been filled. This did not
upset me, that is another shock.

The employer was looking for someone with a particular skill set. I had
held that skill set once, many a year ago. It would take me longer to
retrain than someone walking in with the current standard of that skill

More time spent retraining equates to more money invested in an
employee. Given the way things stand, I understand there needs to be
more incentive for more expenditure. That only makes sense and cents.

Also been on a bit of a food kick in recent time. Have committed to my
own little axiom, ‘meat is a treat’. Did try vegan for a spell yet it
seemed the more I kept at it the more culture kept pushing back.

Ultimately, it comes back to knowing Pap was and is still right. ‘Too
much of a good thing can kill you’. Miss you, Pap but know you’re out
there getting a mess of fish.