Robotic Doom?

Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say as they unveil full list of likely robot professions

I did not see any list. There was a video I did not watch. See this as being positive and negative.

On the positive side we could have robots tend to automated hydroponic gardens. They could harvest crops, transport and distribute them. This saves humans from doing the heavy labor.

The negative of that is that humans would not get needed exercise in tending gardens. It also means humans would need to seek out other means of exercising. Humans would get lost in attempting to decide what to do with extra free time.

A positive, robots and computing could divide up food equally. All the inventory control protocols could be followed astringently by the machines ensuring such equality. Everyone would have enough to eat, all the time.

Negative to this would be possible food terrorism. Humans could elicit means to disrupt the distribution chain, inject toxins, delay deliveries or cause inequalities. Food production, distribution would be reliant on electricity or other forms of energy.

Positive to this is that humans could also create a security unit of robots to ensure safe food conditions. Humans could design robots to use solar power, carbon monoxide based power systems which filter out carbon monoxide and expel oxygen. Production facilities could use wind turbines for power.

As much as I see the negatives, the positives seem attractive. Yes jobs will be lost. There will also be new jobs created based upon a need of innovation to solve problems with robotics, as well as long standing problems not involved with robotics.