7 Suppressed Inventions That Would Have Changed the World

Number three is kind of redundant. Food First has reported there is more than adequate food produced yearly, to create a surplus. Not disparaging Wilhelm Reich’s cloud busting invention. The writer of this article though ought to further explore the subject matter. Scarcity of food, oil, gold are myths. The fact is all of these exist in abundance. The elite simply tell us transporting food to the hunger would cost too much. We blindly accept that.

If someone does not accept it, they’re immediately rounded up as being insane, a terrorist or the like. The Truth is free and it will set us all free yet the elite cannot allow this because their frail egos do not accept not having control. Fact regarding control? It is an illusion one believes they have despite reality being otherwise. Chaos and entropy exist no matter our best laid plans and we have no control over them, never will.

Ask yourself, can you control a tornado? A hurricane? An erupting volcano? A tidal wave? An earthquake? The sun & stars? I am willing to guess it fair to say no one can control any of these. Will all the gold on Earth help you control them? I doubt it. The oil won’t either, nor all the hoarded food what goes to waste yearly. Something I keep asking myself is why fight against what cannot be beaten? This equally applies to nature as well as human stupidity in thinking they can control nature.

We ought to instead try living with nature and not against it. This does not exactly mean to say we can’t have nice stuff. It only means to say we need to align ourselves so that nature helps provide for our nice stuff, and be understanding when nature redistributes nice stuff, or takes it away. It can be done and is in some places. It needs to start happening globally. We are not apart from nature but part of it.