Despite not exactly knowing believing in God in a way most do, I see merit in this. To me this is what anyone’s idea of God ought to be. Love one another and help each other.

I was sent to Summer Bible studies in the Mennonite faith as a child. Now as an adult, I choose being a non-conformist. That to me means I do not follow God as prescribed by religions. Not sure I actually follow God, or Love.

At any given here are people making a difference. Thought others may draw from them, continue spreading Light and Love. This is what the people do when leaders forsake them. We do, we feed, shelter, help, build, garden, trade and barter, we survive.

Let the leaders kill themselves off. They don’t care about us. Why then should we care about them? Now, if these leaders choose entering into our fold they would find arms wide open to hug and greet them. They may get put to work delivering blankets, maybe cooking.

Everyone could eat and enjoy each other’s company. Then go down the block and help build the communal apartment building. The people living in the building do so rent free. They offer ten hours a week to the community as volunteers in order to pay for their rent. The community’s volunteer pool feds, clothes, builds shelters for others, offers free clinics three days a week.

Where is this happening? Right in your neighborhood. Go ask others to pitch in. Join together and get progress on track.