Behind China’s crisis, consumers driven underground – literally – The Globe and Mail

Behind China's crisis, consumers driven underground – literally – The Globe and Mail.

Interesting seeing a different view of China. Of course, reading The Good Earth exposed some of this in its themes. Wonder what role the Opium Wars played in the book and in what we see as realities of now.

Far as I discern it was the Opium Wars where mention of Free Trade arose Captitalism needs Free Trade. Capital, that’s money, needs to be able to Freely Trade for labor, commodities. Yet it really does not Trade Freely with either labor or commodities.

When such notions are obviously corrupt, it ought to hold to say, “it is just to kill unjust kings.” The people never are the ones bound to these sick ideas except as fodder to oil the machines, or oxen to provide labor. No, it is the kings who corrupt us, who stupidly desire full human genocide.

Hey leaders! If you guys want to fight and kill so badly, why not fight one another bare knuckles and be done. The people can make up all sorts of communial snacks, beverages and watch all the leaders fight last man standing style. It will save us all a lot of trouble.

Your systems are failed. We will no longer chase our tails following the Hegelian Dialectic you foist at us. That takes us nowhere but right back here. Let us move forward instead. Let us have a resource based economy, where things are free to all. Let us try Ubuntu Contributionism. Let us build small or micro hydro electric plants out in the boonies, freely.

But you will not because fear creates you as cowards. As cowards you hate even yourselves. This hate makes you go without love. Without love you can never tolerate true freedom. You can only give us liberties. Any sailor can tell you liberties are asking permissions, or waiting to be granted a reward from the table like dogs. Liberties only convey further your hate to us.

Love and do not fear. Love and let us live by the motto of living and letting live. Love and redeem yourselves, if you can.