Vaping Hardware Setup

Have some family that may desire to get into vaping instead of consuming from big tobacco. Hopefully, this post can offer guidence to getting them a nice start up kit. What I use works really well, is affordable, easily maintained, at least in my experience. You can find what works for yourself. There’s really not a lot of right or wrong regarding vaping.

One caution though, if you use nicotine based juices, keep them away from the kids and critters. Think that is pretty commmon sense thinking. Nicotine can be deadly in doses 50 mg or over at once. If you get it on you, wash it off with warm soapy water as soon as possible. In mere every day use of the juices though you’ll not really be exposed to high levels of nicotine. You get into DIY mixing, you’ll find disposable nitrate gloves are handy.

Most every day juices at most will contain only 36 mg per 1 ml of juice. There is a great deal of pushing toward making 24 mg per 1 ml of juice the standard high level juice. Some prefer using really high levels of nicotine. I use a standard 18 mg per 1 ml of juice, it takes about 2 days to use 1 ml for me. I do not crave a big tobacco cigarette, except on rare occasions.

Well, enough rambling and giving background. 🙂 Here’s my kit.

    Tanks / Clearomizers / EVOD

  • SMOK ARO BCC Tank A nice tank to let you use nearly kind of ejuice without fear of the tank bursting, cracking on you.
  • SMOK ARO BCC Replacement Coils Replacement coils for the tank above. I usually get around 2 weeks use out of these before they need a heavy duty cleaning. I normally rinse them off in warm water, dry burn them clean. That’s my heavy duty cleaning, or set them in some vodka a few days, rinse and dry burn. After about 2 months I’d suggest replacing a coil / head. There’s all kinds of videos on Youtube and elswhere which offer tips regarding this specific coil and tank model. Look for BCC tanks, EVOD tanks, SmokTeck ARO.
    Batteries / APV / MODS

  • Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 Battery This is a really nice small battery. It holds an 800 mAh charge. That means I can get roughly 6 – 9 hours of use out of the battery before it needs recharged. Use is when you actually press the fire button to heat the coil in the tank. Pressing the button closes the curcuit, or opens it depending on you see it. It opens it for the current, closes it for actually creating a curcuit. I like this battery as a travel companion, being square instead of round means you can put it on a table and not be afraid it’ll roll off.
  • Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 This is a monster of a battery. It holds a 2600 mAh charge. I can get at least 4 days use off of it before needing to recharge. Like the smaller battery I listed above, it is a pass-through type of battery. That means if you’re in spot a while and can hook up to charge, you can vape while charging. This monster stays at the house most of the time. If I had seen an ELeaf Istck sooner, may have gone that route instead of the Innokin products. That noted, am happy with the Innokin product line. It works, works well. A caution on the batteries, do not charge them unattended. Most batteries on the market now have safety features but use common sense as well. Batteries can explode, combust.


I suggest going over to ECBlends to get started in finding a juice or few you like. They offer $2.50 USD sample bottles. You get 5 ml of juice, which in most cases will get you 1 or 2 tanks of juice to try out before you go hog wild and spend $40 or more for crappy juice.

ECBlends suggests quite often to let juices set and settle a bit, or set but shake daily. This is steeping, like you do with tea. Silly me figures you ought to have a good idea right out the mail. 🙂 “If you mix it, it ought to be good right now!” *chuckles* But honestly, I have started to steep a bit. It does help some juices, hurts others. You’ll find your way on that for yourself, nobody can guess for you

And so, there’s my basic set up. I buy the head / coils 5 at a time, get a 5 pack for about $5. I will pay up to $8 for a 5 pack but going more than that for me seems silly. If you get into it, you’ll find you can rebuild the heads easily enough. Lots of videos on how to out there. Use good wire, wick. I suggest RediX wick as it vapes clean and can take dry burning well.

Some of the hardware may seem to be a bit pricey at onset. In the long hual though good gear pays for itself rather quickly. I try to stay in a moderate zone as far as gear. You could pay more for all sorts of bells and whistles. My question is why do that, if you can get gear reasonably priced that does the same thing/s? Well, that fairly wraps up my kit and suggestions.

If you look for info on vaping you may find ECF. I suggest looking there for a wealth of info, in fact it ough to be a standard starting point. Hope this helps family, or anyone looking into vaping. I know that I’m gladly not returning to big tobacco products any time soon, if at all. Vaping does make a difference and works if you give it a fair chance. ‘Nuff said.