When and Why to Repair Your Wood Fence – Articles

When and Why to Repair Your Wood Fence – Articles was an article linked to from Ripley, WV.’s newspaper this morning. Ripley is around six miles West of us and is the nearest town. Where we live is unincorporated. We are rural and ‘county’ yokels.

Merely reflecting upon the sense of agrarianism present in our local media. The most urgent incident is wooden fence mending. You would have thought they could have at least mention if the local, Ripley based water company, are working to thaw our water this morning. No, they link to some totally off site article on fence mending instead. Although to the article’s credit it mentions water damage as being a reason you may want or need to mend your wooden fence.

Irony at times is like the rake laying hidden in the tall grass. I can only shake my head, chuckle and try to remember everyone has difficulty facing life’s adversities. Some days a person dislikes being a half worn down cantankerous old fool.