Something zanny this way reads …

Currently reading Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites. My wife recently
brought in about a half dozen or so of his novels. I am happy to have
such great reading material. Yes, he has ‘Old Timer’s’ and is a bit
loony. He is also a brilliant and master storyteller. Caught myself
being sucker punched in the first pages of Equal rites.

Pratchett was describing a wizard, the wizard’s journey down a winding
mountain path. He then explained a goat looked up at the wizard,
interested. “It does not take much to interest goats.” The sucker punch?
Well, it does not take much to interest people, either. How’s that get
your goat? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› You get pulled right into the story without realizing

Pratchett like Sheldon for me, is one of the few ‘magicians’ who I can
still enjoy despite knowing how they weave the magic. As I read Sheldon,
I sense a secondary conversation ‘behind the scenes’ where he plays a
professor, illustrating to writers how to do things.

In Pratchett’s stories there is a similar conversation, yet the depths
of it go far beyond him being a professor. He creates a whole new way to
live, to think, to feel and yet lets you see exactly what he’s doing and
why. Sure it is hilarious fiction meant as entertainment. Does not mean
it cannot at least try to make things a little better. πŸ™‚