Taste Your Juice | Is It Safe?

Found someone who has already done some collection of research material regarding vaping saftey. Taste Your Juice | Is It Safe? has the material on hand for those interested. I too have looked at most of these articles, and possibly others. There are likey some here I may not have read. Despite that, from a cursory viewing of the materials it seems there are more positives than negatives to vaping saftey.

I agree with a lot of what this fellow at Taste Your Juice mentions. As a former smoker, I too comprehend what he means in the ‘morning’ breath being painful. Since I have been vaping, that breath has lost its pain. Also get less winded since I’ve been vaping. Find that smoking causes me to feel physically sluggish, yucky. I would say ill but it is not quite ill level. I do not enjoy the feeling though.

Will continue vaping instead of smoking or using smokeless tobaccos. It is more affordale short and long term. Vaping also seems to be a great deal safer in a medical sense, ergo even longer term financial benefits.

I can get a nice vaping hardware kit for around $50 – $60. This kit will be enough to last 6 months to a year. You could pay a lot more if you desired. I use a moderate kit with an Evod style tank system, single coil. It works for me the same as a fancy dual coil system. I can recondition single coils easier and more affordably.

Ejuice can be costly or affordable. If you buy bulk from a large name wholesaler, you find good deals. For example I can get around 8oz of Gummy Bear juice for about $20. I can use around 1oz of juice around two weeks. that means 8oz would possibly last me 4 months. Other deals can be found easily, and other flavors as well. There are even tobacco flavors and some do come rather close to tasting like tobacco. It is up to you as someone who vapes to find what you like.