The dead horse effect

Manifest difference and change by thinking and acting different. No one may force a choice on you. You always retain a choice and no one may take your choice. You may choose to accept what others grant, or you may choose another way.

Money is an idea people agree to use. Money is used to represent values. People trade money, or value for value. Farmer Joe values the tomatoes he grows at ten money units for a bushel. Painter Tom values his skill and time of painting at ten money units per hour. The two can agree to exchange money units, or tomatoes for an hour of Tom’s painting. This is their choice.

Sally the chef may need tomatoes. She has some spare glass jars but no room for them. Tom the painter offers Sally the tomatoes he attained for two cases of the jars. Tom then gives hunter Bob the jars to fill with canned venison. Tom gives most of the venison to Ann, who uses it to trade for a quilt made by Greta. People trade what they agree upon as equal value every day. It is a system that works.

Trading equal vale for equal value eliminates money exchanging hands. It abolishes a need of taxation or banking. Trading equal value for equal value also is all money is intended to do. This is a means or way to go around the middle man, money in this case, which is a dead horse blocking the path.

Why continue kicking the dead horse and expecting it to live? It is easier to go around the dead horse. If you do go around, you are thinking and acting different. You create the change you desire to see in the world, you make the choice. You will be free. If the current system does not work, try another. After all it is your choice that holds the current system in place. You choose to let it be a dead horse.

If you keep kicking the dead horse, you give it all of your energy. You accomplish nothing. Going around lets you continue your journey, you attain your goals, you accomplish something. Hopefully, you realize too, you do not need to confront or fight the system in order to win against it. All you need to do is not choose to be involved with the system, or to keep hoping to change it by direct force. If it does not suit you, do not agree to it, choose something else.

The system is not the only way to get to point B, there are other ways. Ultimately we each have a choice that cannot be denied. That choice gives us true and pure freedom.