Ukraine Woman from Zaporozhia region Brilliantly Takes down the War and the Draft – YouTube

Ukraine Woman from Zaporozhia region Brilliantly Takes down the War and the Draft – YouTube.

And so, it begins!

I say all people in any nation who desire to simply live and let live, ought to follow the suit of these courageous women. Use deconstructionism in reasoning and question ever so called authority. Let them know we will no longer fight any wars. If our leaders want to fight, let our leaders fight. We the common people are tired of lies, tired of needless murdering, tired of death, starvation, poverty.

Starvation should not even exist. There is enough grain produced annually in the U.S. alone to feed every person on Earth a modest meal every day, twice over, and enough will be continued to be produced to keep pace at that rate. This does not account for global production of fruits and vegetables. They are produced in such quantity as to give us all, every man, woman, child on Earth enough abundance of food that we’d be infinitely gluttonous.

Oil and gold have both remained on an equal price level for over the past thirty to forty years too. You may buy a barrel of oil for two ounces of gold. It has been this way nearly four decades. This means there is equal production, stable production of both oil and gold. Neither resource is in danger of being run out.

In real simple terms, scarcity truly does not exist. It is a lie fabricated to instill control over the common people. Our leaders force us to go kill others or be killed by others to attain scarce resources. It is crock of dung that stinks worse than my week old socks. If it stinks that bad, it has to be fully rotten to the core.

We will not fight any more. And I may at times cite sources, may not. Search engines and local libraries are wonderful research tools.

“If you seek it is found. If you knock it is opened. If secreted it is revealed.”

Do your own looking, you’ll find out I’m not missing the mark by much, if at all.