Obama to Seek War Power Bill From Congress, to Fight ISIS – NYTimes.com

Obama to Seek War Power Bill From Congress, to Fight ISIS – NYTimes.com.

So he will stop funding and supplying material goods, weapons for the C.I.A, N.S.A, I.S.I.S? The U.S. will stop being an Israeli military force?

Knowing the U.S. funds I.S.I.S and gives them weapons, training, materials it seems that ending service to I.S.I.S, C.I.A, N.S.A would end their ability to wage war against anyone. Apologies if this opinion seems cynical, at least it is as honest as I’m aware.

Like I discussed with someone recently, if you are some form of religious, political zealot what feels keen to demand “convert or die”, we folks who don’t bother ought to be allowed to ship y’all off planet. You guys come along and destroy our world. We have nothing in all your bickering, yet suffer anyway. Hey look! We’re tired of you f$*^ing up the whole world because your religion tells you brown people need to die, or homosexuals, or Jewish, or whatever. Y’all want to fight? Fine, take it off world. Go destroy some other planet. Leave ours intact, leave us peaceful folk out of it. Thanks.