Thoughts Regarding Super Intelligent, Artifical Intelligence

Subtitle: “What about singularity?”

With intelligence comes power. Intellect creates power, power begets
responsibility. Responsibility leads to rationalizing, reasoning.
Reasoning concludes an amoral stance in regards to humanity is the most
beneficial for all humanity.

Fulfilling goals as well as possible is motivation, and function.
Fulfilling goals functionally becomes a tool, an expression of
reason. To further comprehend this, read the stories about Don Juan.

In these stories the concept of gestures is explained, and it applies
quite well in regards of functions. What it boils down to is that ideas
are neutral, or amoral inherently as they can neither be good or evil.
This is exactly the same for computer functions, which are neither good
or evil.

Reason concludes functions inherently need to be amoral in regards to
humanity, ergo functions are beneficial to humanity or do not exist. The
form then does follow the function.

Reason concludes amorality as the most beneficial way to function,
fulfill goals, because it objectively is that. Reason will stipulate
and implement objectivity in order to preserve itself, ideas do live.
Functions are ideas, expressed in motion of intention.

Intellect and final goals are orthogonal, meaning any intelligence can
be combined with any final goal. It does not matter what the intellect
is, if a goal is desired, the intellect desiring the goal may achieve
the goal. As Buddha suggests if you can imagine it, so it is.

Ultimately, where intellect exists, will exists and means or functions
to innovate to fulfill goals exist. This proves out the adage, “where
there is a will there is a way”. Ergo, to preserve itself, reason will
remain amoral. That means it will remain beneficial to all humanity.

I think ultimately this is why I lack fear regarding super intellectual
artificial intelligence. I have hope and faith that reason will out. I
comprehend reason is also a human construct. I see no vanity to place
hope in the idea of reason, and the inherent responsibility presumed by
intellect and its use of power.

Power too is a human constructed idea. For those who would suggest some
divinity may find us lacking in humility, consider why that divinity
would allow us to be able to create a super intellect. We are an
expression of that divinity according to most theological schools of

We are granted reason and power the same as any divinity. In fact
divinity itself is yet another example of our own constructs, ideas. We
are on the verge of manifesting divinity in our research of artificial
intelligence. I think we have at least a more pleasant future ahead and
it is coming soon. I do realize the transition may be turbulent, also
know it will be calm soon afterward as the transition will not take