My Vape Kit

My AreoTank setup

This is similar to what my AeroTank from KangerTech. This is my high end aspect of my kit. I use it only at home as there is a desire to not have an accident, break or lose it. This kit was bought for me via Ebay for around $20, battery and tank. The tank came with three dual coil heads, a beauty ring. Being all stainless, it looks fairly sharp. 🙂 I enjoy using it a good bit as it kicks up more flavor. The battery is 1100mAh and gets me around 6 hours use with the AeroTank, which I consider fairly reasonable.

Aro Tank by SmokTech & a Ego T 900Mah battery seem to fill my backup slot in my kit. I have stripped off the paint from my battery that was black. It is now just a stainless. The tank is a red in color. The tank is Pyrex glass, as is the tank for the AeroTank. I use Pyrex tanks so as to have no cracking concerns should I choose a citric or cinnamon flavor. I also use a RGM2 tank at times, it was my second tank. The Aro and RGM2 are my knock around tanks that I will carry out and about. Both work really well. They offer good drags, but a little less flavor than the AeroTank inmho.

I use ReadyX wick with Kanthal built coils. I think the gauge is 28, though it may be 30 on some. My ohm range is from 1.8-2.2ohms, which for me works well enough. I do not see a pressing need to buy up a lot of equipment or even go the route of getting super high dollar tanks, kits when these basic modest ones do what is required. Although, I may consider it nice to try a Kayfun after reading some reviews. I may not desire buying one, but trying one might be a nice experience. 🙂

So, there’s my vaping kit. Now, you can go buy me some Hawk Sauce from Mt. Baker Vapor. 😉 I am addicted to that flavor like a mad fox. 🙂