Dumb Title and Even Dumber Commentary on MSNBC

Dumb Title and Even Dumber Commentary on MSNBC.

There have been very few studies on the use of these cigarettes, but the studies that do exist in journals like Chest and The International Journal of Lung Physiology suggests that five minutes use blocks impedance in the lung, which means the resistance of those little tubes in the lungs called bronchioles, they tighten up with five minutes of use,” he said.

Well now. Impedance, according to definition number two could be seen as an obstacle, resistance to air getting to the lungs. Then, if you block the impedance I guess you would be blocking blockage? In other words, e-cigs let you breathe. 🙂 This article highlights how stupid people are nowadays. They cannot even effectively argue against something without actually promoting it.

There has been a lot of research done regarding e-cigarettes. I will not safe they are iron clad one hundred percent safe, nothing truly is anymore. They are however a great deal safer than the alternative, analog combustible tobacco cigarettes. Besides the health benefits of going from over 40,000 chemicals being ingested to something around two dozen at most, e-cigarettes are also short term more economical.

I can buy a nice and modest starter kit of equipment for around $20-50. I may spend around $20 a month for juice, if that. Upkeep hardware would run around $0.03-0.05 a day, about $5-7 for coil heads every two months, a $20 battery every year or so, if you even pay that for an Ego style battery.

Compare that roughly $4,000 a year for analog cigarettes. You may spend around $200 a year for e-cigarettes, juice and hardware. This assumes you stay within a modest range of use, and from my experience, from my listening to others, reading of others, it seems most do.

Of course, you might enjoy the high end equipment. In which case you can still spend $1-2,000 on stuff if you feel an urge. Truth of it all though, a nice modest kit will perform on par with an average high end kit. All the kits do the same basic functions, warm juice to an atomized point. You then take a drag off the equipment, inhale or not, then exhale water vapor.

Anyone nearby may catch a subtle whiff of a sent from the flavorings, if you use flavored juice. That’s about all they’ll get too. There is no second hand smoke issues. They do not get second hand nicotine. Only the user who drags on the equipment gets the nicotine via absorption. And it is an even saturation for the user, they will be able to stabilize their nicotine level in their body.

Analog cigarettes are not stable, or even flow. They offer a big nicotine bang. You crash right afterwards, need another cigarette and that is their purpose. E-cigarettes let you have ten minutes of use, set it aside for an hour or two, however long you like or can go with your personal level. And yes, you will find that level, rather quickly too.

Once you get stable, you won’t go back to the big bang process. You’ll see it as a pure wasteful way to get nicotine and it is. E-cigarettes are cleaner, more efficent at nicotine delivery inmho, and others think & feel the same.