Activist Post: Why Are the Farmers Depressed and Suicidal?

Activist Post: Why Are the Farmers Depressed and Suicidal?.

The article points toward pesticides. While I do not doubt they are likely a vector in causing depression, I think other vectors apply. I list a few below.

Drought conditions forcing farmers to pay for water.

Drought conditions whereby a farmer pays a flat water tax regardless of a percentage of water they get. In California one farmer would have needed to pay over $7,000 for 0% water. The assessment was averaged against his optimal production. Being a drought was ongoing he nowhere near optimal production, and the authorities granted him no water, yet he still was asked to pay?

Consumer lack of confidence in their products.

Consumer watch dog groups are a good thing up to a point. Then, you have a point when the watchdogs simply tear down a good farmer using good products to get get products. This is in regards to GMO crops. There are some farmers who either do not use GMO crops, or use both GMO and non-GMO crops. Over all though, the watchdog groups do not care. They simply bad mouth all farmers, saying they all use mutant GMO crops. Think about this, farmers feed their families from some of these crops. If they trust the crops for their families, think it is safe to say you can trust it for yours.

More regulation/s on how to farm.

Did you know it is illegal to farm more than 11 acres of wheat for sale? Yes, this law exists to protect big corporations, it also has to do with marijuana regulations in some manner. I guess they expect marijuana growers to be using wheat as a cover crop. The point being such dumb, illogical regulations exist and usually only to serve big corporate interests. Go look up Whiskey Rebellion for another example. This shows why the State can make and sale pure grain whiskey but ordinary folks cannot. Thank you George Washington.

Fairly clear there are many vectors at play in causing depression in farmers. I can empathize with them, as a portion of my life has been as a good old country boy. That means you go work on farms, work for farmers, pretty much do farmer and could be tumbled in as a farmer. I garden and not very well yet, nonetheless I garden. Normally a farmer will tell you, you grow it to eat, you farm.