Video Shows Police Brutally Beat Terminally Ill Man in Front of His Two Young Children | The Free Thought Project

Video Shows Police Brutally Beat Terminally Ill Man in Front of His Two Young Children | The Free Thought Project.

No honor, no courage, no dignity lies in such acts. These acts also grant no respect for the LEO’s engaged in them, nor for those LEO’s who stand idly by and do nothing to repremand or stop such acts. If you are a LEO, know that this is why chances of getting maimed or killed in the line of duty increase a thousand fold.

Your actions & inactions directly create higher chances of aggression being visited upon you. Want to play big bad hero? That pathetic tin ribbon only marks you as a target all the better, it grants you no authority, no respect, no courage, no decency, no dignity, no protection. You are not given super powers when you slap on the togs and tin.

It behooves all LEO’s to recall the facts, to recall humanity. All LEO’s need to be given courses on being peace officers. Being peace officers needs to be priority one. A simple way to achieve this is having LEO’s emulate the character of Andy Taylor, dispense the law wearing no gun or baton. Yes, Andy would use a gun if advised by the troopers of seriously dangerous and armed criminal suspects and these were specific incidents with specific suspects. He used a gun only as a defensive deterent.

I recall possibly twice that Andy ever shot a gun in the direction of criminals. Once he grazed a man’s shooting arm, in the shoulder I believe. The other case saw the suspect surrender peacefully after Andy shot rather close to them as means of warning. In the grazing case, Andy was not trying to hit the person. The shot ricochet off some metal.

The point being, Andy rarely used a gun. When he did, he did so with great care and reverence of life. His tin ribbon granted him respect because he earned it. He earned respect by giving respect to everyone else. No one could say they did not know where they stood with Andy. He was fair to all as he possibly could be. His goal was to maintain the peace.

It may sound simple but I doubt current LEO’s could go a full day unarmed, in plain uniform. Hey LEO’s, there you go. Prove you’re real heros, go a day unarmed in plain uniform.

Yes, I know there are vice, plain clothes undercover guys. I am talking about the regular duty LEO’s only. Let your vice units operate armed, or not as some of them do address truly violent and dangerous criminal elements. These guys need arms and that’s plain common sense. But let the regulars try a day unarmed.

Do not authorize force. Repremand all who exceed what is required. You might gain honor again. I am doubtful though.