How to Learn Trigonometry: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Hey little evil genius, hit this up!

Believe it or not your uncle has done some trigonometry. I did it back in high school though. All of us taking a vo-tech welding course of two years did.

We got tricked by the instructor. He taught us to find volumes needed to maintain psi per inside diameters of each type of material used for projects. His first and easiest to grasp example was finding the actual volume of liquid in a 12oz soda can.

Then, we read very complex blueprints from our text-workbooks, and we had to consider steam composition/s, angles, pressures, metal gauges, condensation and a lot more. He would ask us off hand “so, how much water do you use to flush this tank with steam, then maintain that pressure ratio out into a .75 inch inside diameter pipe of say 16 gauge stainless?” These were and are real problems which are required to solved at times. He even did stuff like this in working on oil rigs.

Math is important. Understand it is skill. Like things, skills are used. Never give up loving to learn. Wish I had not but at the same time, some of all that stuff in my small brain caused it to explode. 🙂 Now you know why I’m nutty.

And knowing is half the battle!

Have fun being an evil genius. Remember to love those who brought you, too. *HUG*