A Mother Unable To Pay For Groceries Gets Help From Strangers – YouTube

A Mother Unable To Pay For Groceries Gets Help From Strangers – YouTube.

Here we go. This fully articulates the point. As the lady says at the end, “it doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone deserves a chance, knowing there is hope and good people in the world.”

This was why at a holiday time, as I worked at a grocery, an elderly couple were treated. They came up short for paying on some meats. The products they had were meager portions. I told the cashier to hold on.

I walked back to the meat department, told the butcher on duty to give me a rough $50 of ham. He found a shoulder that would cost roghly that and sliced it for me. I returned to the chashier, told her to ring it up as an employee charge, in effect it came from my paycheck.

The elderly couple were nearly in tears. They kept saying I did not need to do it. If I had not, they would have only had two ounces of ham for their holiday meal. As it was, they got a nice shoulder of ham weighing about 4lbs. They invited several neighbors over for their holiday feast.

My wife, bless her, did not even bat an eye. She agreed that they needed a nice holiday the same as we had. Everyone deserves hope, love, compassion, dignity. Some call it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, (Insert your Religion of choice here). Others simply call it humanity.