Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear (Dune) – YouTube

Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear (Dune) – YouTube.

This is for someone who ought to know who is. Fear is a terrible evil in the world. More often than not what you fear is not worth fearing, or does not even justify fear.

Robbers coming to my stuff.

How silly is that? It is real silly. All of us on the planet are merely visitors. When we die, and yes we all ultimately die, we are not allowed to take anything beyond experience with us. Nobody takes the expensive computer with them when they die.

You merely use stuff. You love people.

Things are used, people are loved.

Live without fear because if you fear, you will never love. You are the divine. You are all the power. That might sound like something to be in fear over. Yes, at times it is. But you have to set aside that fear, have courage, love and find those who love you.

Those who love you will not ask you for your power. They might guide you in using it a little. For example they might suggest it is generally not a good idea to go attacking others with your power.

Why is it not a good idea? Well, first of all if you have no fear, there is no need to attack others. You see others as equals. They are living and loving like you. They aren’t attacking you with their power. So why attack them? You want them to attack you?

On the other side of that, why would someone want to rob stuff you use? Why can they not get stuff to use for themselves? What unjustice/s prevent them from getting stuff? What can you do to help stop the unjustices? Oh, I know! You can have fear! You can go attack them for being robbers even if they are not! Yay! Glad we solved that problem. 🙂

See how silly that is? If not I urge you to think a long time about it. In my belief, fear is the greatest evil on the planet. Courage is its cure. Courage means you find something more important than fear. I have found that love is always more important. But I am a silly old man.