Fri Aug 29 13:19:30 EDT 2014

Most people keep busy with jobs to get money. Oh that’s an idea, money.
It truly makes me sick to think of money. Money is an idea used to
control people.

And that is why it makes me sick. People ought to control ideas, not the
other way around. Ideas truly do not have lives of their own. People do
live. Why should the living oblige for the dead? Don’t misunderstand me.
I comprehend having reverence and honor for our departed. That is not
the same as binding yourself someone else’s dead fictitious idea, merely
to survive.

Ideas never gain life. They are eternally dead. But people are still
being enslaved by ideas, willingly in fact. And this is the proverbial
dead horse I continually run into. People find one idea in particular,
the “I’m better than …” idea. It is this idea, this concept of status
or value granted merely because a person believes id idea X, that
creates division, corruption, war, death.

Ideas are all dead and none have ever lived. People need to divest from
ideas and invest themselves in feelings. Love is a feeling. It lives in
each one of us. It tells us we are all equally valueless and equally
priceless in the same instance. This is so because we are alive, we
live. Our efforts need to propagate life, not death.