Fri Aug 29 09:32:47 EDT 2014

Read a quick excerpt from Little Man. Between it and War is a Racket, 1984, Brave New World, some quotes from Buddha and Ghandi, a person begins realizing our world does not need to be like it is. In fact one begins to make discoveries.

I have discovered the laws of living energy. In so doing, I have value
beyond price. I have no time for war. I have more important things to
do. My labors provide for life, not death. Leaders may fight war amongst
themselves. I will keep busy in my labors.

The meaning of having no time for war includes having no time for propoganda of war. Yes, it is tragic and sad to hear of brothers, sisters, children dying. More tragic is my death by those who lie and decieve when speaking about/of/for war. We all die a bit when given deceptions, because we creatures of divine Truth. So, I have no use for even discussion, news, information, images, data about/of/for war.

This attitidude and idealogy also embrace covert warfare, religion, education. I will attend to my own spirituality and learning, thanks. I no longer have need of any religion, colleges as they are manifest presently. I am also disengaging with a lot of entertainment which really is not entertaining if you examine it for two minutes. What is it then? Propoganda, either related to open war or covert. The same is the case regarding religion and education in their present manifestations.

So, I will apologize if not versed upon the latest celeberty gossip. I have other stuff keeping me busy. I help to garden and grow food for myself, my family. I enjoy caring for my dogs and cat. I may do menial things such as washing dishes, cleaning the toliet. I also enjoy loving my wife, loving my dogs and cat. I may do some fishing, may do some hunting.

Of course here, hunting consists of sticking a rifle out the door and whizzing off a shot at a deer no more than a rough 250 yards away. We have no need of license as either. The deer are granted as varmits, pests to our privately owned farming venture.

So, I may need called upon to help dress and butcher deer. I may do likewise with rabbit, squirrel, racoon. We have coyotes in our area too. May need to be out running them off. I will not dress or butcher them. May also be busy in exploring ways to do various household, farmsteading tasks. I will be learning.

See? I told you I have plenty to stay busy with doing. Who needs war? My labors provide for life, love and living, not death. If you’re from another area in the world and you too keep busy like I do, please if you find time, give me a holler. We might be able to swap reciepes for vegan soups, maybe provide each other lessons in how to build a good stringer for stairs. I am open to communication with like minded souls, no matter their area.

Well, I best get going. Running a bit behind. *chuckles*