I am the woman you laughed at on the Internet

I am the woman you laughed at on the Internet.

@AmySalloway Than you for the candid article. My wife is big beautiful lady. Love her all the more for it.

Granted, I want her to be healthy. I think she is healthy. Yes, at times she fusses about wanting to get rid of extra weight.

She is built as a big person. Yes, there are folks who are simply given a big framing. I always tell her, if she is healthy and happy being herself then she does not need to impress me.

I am a 5’11” guy that if not careful creeps toward 300lbs. I try staying under 260lbs but find it a bit of a struggle. Few years back I was on a depression medicine which aided in weight gain. The weight never really left despite attempts.

I also have a bit of trouble w/ nerve & arthritis pain. A really educated dumb doctor suggested that obesity caused the pain. My wife laughed, “boy he was a dumb***, you’re not active to keep weight off because of the pain, even I see that.”

I walk with my cat, who thinks he is a puppy, or chicken depending on the week. 🙂 We take a quarter mile walk around a pasture each time. At times depending on weather, severity of pain we go for two walks a day all week.

There are other times we do not walk at all. I know that I ought to fight through the pain more days than not. All things equal though, that can be a really enjoyable fight a person rather not be in.

Apologies, have rambled too much. My point is, be happy in who you are. There are indeed people in the world who love you, merely for being you. Frack all the naysayers and trolls. Seems if they had courage and happiness in being themselves, they would have no need putting others down. Since they do put others down, proves they lack courage.

You writing this article? There’s real courage. You let yourself be open, honest. You let others see your naked soul. Bet you realized love and hope are far more important than fear. 🙂 Keep it up gal. We see you being the best you. We need more like you.