▶ ‘There are intentional provocateurs’ – YouTube

▶ 'There are intentional provocateurs' – YouTube.

Thank you sir for “stepping up”. You are correct 120%! Keep it civil and peacful, keep apart from the provoceteurs.

You may politely ask some of the hometown officers to come to your group as peace officers. That is to say they wear regular uniforms. Let them come armed but only with a side arm, baton. Let these peace officers take note of the “bad seeds” & deal with them.

That way you allow the police to see you’re being peaceful. It also lets them do their jobs in arresting the true “bad guys”. Talk with the peace officers, coperate within reason. Remain peaceful & civil.

The peace officers ought to treat you with due respect, peacefulness and civility in return. That too is part of their job. You need to ask for peace officers though, not police officers. Police officers do not have to be peace officers. They can be but it is not required, the same as a peace officer may or may not be a police officer.

If in doubt, ask the county sheriff to appoint deputies as peace officers for you. The sheriff will comprehend the request and assist if able. Understand, being civil and peaceful are the keys to the kingdom. Do not demand, ask polietly. And this goes to what is called common law, peace officers uphold that. So, keep the unlawful stuff out.

Again, thank you for being a man, a father figure in trying times. We need plenty more like you. 🙂