The Glitter

“I remember lots of spiders”, he said. He took a seat by the campfire.
Camilla passed him a mug of warmed rum and bowl of hobo stew.
Her body seemed to draw tense and relax, shivering in repulsion of
spiders. “Well, we are safe here”, she told him. She sat opposite him
and busied herself with adjusting some camping gear in a pack.
“Sure, as long as we keep the fire burning. Ever seen how light attracts
them? They collude in their spider plots while light harbors them. If
light goes away, they aggressively seek out the nearest warm body”, he
said. The rum tasted acrid in his mouth. Looking into the bowl of stew,
he thought he saw wings of some kind.
An eerie calm overtook the camp. Noises became distant and then,
stopped. He looked up from his stew with only enough time to see her
wielding four extra arms, hearing her ask, “Oh, do we now my sweet
dinner?” In the still calm of a velveteen night, it may behoove one to
remember glittering lights often conceal spider plots.
~ Finis ~
This short story earned me a minor ego boost this morning. Check it out. 🙂

I write like
J. R. R. Tolkien

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