Fri Aug 01 11:01:26 EDT 2014

Today we had some more produce from our garden. There were three
cantaloupes which did need to be set outside to ripen a bit. They were
ready to come off, merely needed to “tan” up.
Found a cucumber as well that was ready to come off. The weeds and even
grass have overgrown our “melon patch” a bit. This makes finding the
produce a bit of an adventure. 🙂
I am hopeful we get a fair number of watermelon too. Saw around four
what seemed to be coming along nicely. Of course, on the other end they
were digging out potatoes and picking beans.
Wife’s sister got near a bushel of potatoes. We had gotten roughly 75lbs
of them the day before. Our initial planting was around 75lbs I think,
memory is being fuzzy.
Beans keep on coming, the more picked the more come back the next day.
*lol* Yesterday, I believe there was around 4 gallon of beans to put up.
Today, there was nearly a five gallon bucket picked.
Some of the corn has begun to silk out. I figure around the end of
August we should have a fair amount of corn to get off. Wife’s dad is