“Run away, run away …”

Alright, did the morning feed. I tackled just a portion of the mowing.
Found out my back was fibbing to me.
So, I am knocking off until evening. Back problems aside, it also seemed
nearing to rain. There was some drizzling as I put the weed eater back
to rest.
Would get onto doing some dishes but the wife’s brother-in-law seems
contented to be doing them. I could be goofy and go pick beans in the
rain. Probably could stand with a shower. 😉
May say to blazes and enjoy a bit of meditation time. Never sure in
regards to me. Wife often quotes the line from Die Hard 2 to me, “not
even God knows what you’re doing.”
And it is likely true. I am often going so quickly as to not seem
cohesive. But yes, I know what I’m doing, it’s called living, loving,
laughing, learning in no particular order.
I am making up for the childhood refused me as a child.