Do as you would be done by! hammas and israel – maxnix’s Blog – Blogster

Do as you would be done by! hammas and israel – maxnix's Blog – Blogster.

Hey Bo, it’s me the “understanding yank” from your non-macho man post. Do
not fret over this tool. I think he needs to get his brain out of his
anus. Beyond that, like you I do not hate him.

You and me? We be mates as far as I believe. 🙂 We understand that the
“work” lies in spreading love. We refuse to hate. Hating implies we
fear. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” — Franklin D.
Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President (1882-1945) If I recall my naval history
from boot camp, believe it was Theodore Roosevelt who sent out the
Great White Fleet

The link is to a Wikipedia article. To summarize, the Great White Fleet
was fully unarmed. It sailed around the whole globe, unscathed because
Theodore Roosevelt dared anyone to attack his unarmed fleet. His
implication was clear. Attack an unarmed American fleet, provoke war
with America. It also emphasized another point. That America’s power lie
in presence.

That became a rallying cry for my company. “Our power is our presence!”
And it meant we each took responsibility for one another and ourselves.
It meant that we carry on with the work of spreading love, that love
would be victorious over fear.

So, you and me will continue lighting candles until we eclipse the sun.
🙂 Then, tools like this guy will no longer hide behind misconstrued and
regurgitated Zionist propaganda dubbed facts for ignorant masses.
Because, fear will no longer exist. In the words of your great Dylan
Thomas, “go not gently into the night, no, rage, rage on into the

You sir are an absolute disgrace to be a non-thinking tool. Given the
Mossad is such a top flight and elite military force, intelligence
agency, do you think that if they have Gaza under lock down anything
gets into Gaza? If so, you are even more stupid than a box of rocks.

Hammas severed ties with the Muslim Brotherhood because it was a tool
used by the C.I.A to control sub-factions of “terrorist” cells like
Al Qaeda, ISIS. Hammas wanted to rebuild Palestine, focus on
humanitarian efforts to aid both Palestinian & Israeli wounded,
refugees. They want peace, they were democratically elected as the
ruling party of Palestine.

Okay, they played by our rules. We said if they would, we would leave
them alone to do as they wished so long as they did not attack anyone.
They agreed but only so long as they were left alone to continue
humanitarian efforts, rebuilding Palestine & governing it.

Israel does not want that. It is like the parasite of the bankers who
acquire wealth by punching digits into a computer, printing up new
money. But Israel needs land.

War is an ancient Phoenician word. It means literally translated, “get
more cattle”. There is no end to it. Because you always “get more

There is never enough. Israel is propagating the giant hole in
humanity called greed. And greed is untenable, unsustainable. They do
know this, too. They choose to not give a flying fig. That is the type
of monsters you’re defending. Life has no value to them.

Enjoy being the lap dog of pure evil if you want. Or, you might take
this candle I happen to have. (((((HUG))))) Light it up, help us all
live together and share in the Earth’s fruits by our labor and
stewardship of it. None of us can take it with us. We can only enjoy our
time here and now.