Catching up

Been away from computing a while. My desktop system decided it needed nearly every bit of hardware replaced. Ultimately me and wife think it may have only been an issue with the on/off switch, its wiring. This was “fouled” and caused electrical feedback into the rest of the system, a “short”.

At any given, I wound up with a “new” motherboard, hard drive, power supply, cd-rom drive, graphics card. They are “used” or refurbished units, new nonetheless to me. Linux, doesn’t mind using used hardware one bit. *chuckling* Could likely put Linux on a pizza as topping and have it work. Given time, I’m sure some erstwhile hacker will do just that.

Not been too enthused in writing, obviously. Got myself into some form of existential fog of depression, introspection  and befuddlement, as some English folk may say, maudlin. Been trying to sort out without any great sense of luck at it. Keep returning to the “dead horse” argument and feeling completely daft, nutters and a pure loon. May help to put it out there, or not. Here goes.

Humanity’s society is based upon a philosophy of order from chaos. Well, Nature/Cosmos/Divine Providence has been mathematically, philosophically, quantum physics proven to be keen to entropy. This means nature follows the principle of chaos out of order, everything breaks down, returns to energy, which is neither created or destroyed. So, humanity deliberately tries in vain to rip asunder nature’s core. Sorry, it doesn’t work. It has never worked, never will. Yet we persist. Um, why?

Is it not simpler to see that kicking a dead horse all day achieves nothing? And trying to go against nature is exactly that, kicking a dead horse. But then, I, Socrates, Loa Tzu are all nut cases, insane. We have seen this lesson, over and over. And there it is. I stay lost on this ledge, wondering if it even matters. Bah.