Sat 08 Mar 2014 07:26:29 AM EST

Apologies for taking a respite. This past week has been a bit rough emotionally, physically. Thursday we attended the funeral of her grandfather.

Yesterday, I think all of us here were decompressing. Nobody was in a fit mood to do too much, if anything. This morning I am trying to return to what seems to be normal.

There are projects we need to attend. Projects we would have done with her grandfather here, or not. Those will come a bit later though and still remain in the course of normal.

That old mule had nearly two hundred folks show up for viewing, and funeral. Speaks tomes. Know I’ll miss him. Know he is off now, better than he was at the end.

Well, back to catching up in the writing a bit. Then, need to go get the critters fed. See if there is any piddling projects to attend.