Fri 28 Feb 2014 10:51:41 EST

Am set until March 3 of this year as far as writing goes. This means I am three days ahead. Think readers may see how some of these bits are coming together.

In some ways I do as well. The story over all is one with Jack. Seems he got hung up in a firefight and left hanging. *chuckles*

Other characters began having walk on bits, then, exposed themselves as developed and developing people. Jack, well he seems a cardboard cut out. He may even find himself in the leaning rest.

In the meanwhile, I have been making a habit of vaping as its called. Find myself smoking regular tobacco cigarettes less. The wife has suggested I begin decreasing the nicotine levels in the vaporizing liquid, gradually.

I grumbled a little about this idea. She has a point though, make it something I do as a pleasure and not a need. If it becomes a pleasure then, I can sever attachment.

Realizing now, in many ways that severing attachments can be a good idea in some respects. I do not pay much attention to the media presently, not as I used to once do. Choose instead to keep busy in a different world.

The world I am creating is one in my imagination. It is the world I change by changing myself. Nobody else can invade my world. I laugh if they try only to be greeted with futility.

In this world, I do not care about gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, color, social class. People in my world are simply that, people. People love who they will love.

And in this world there is a sense of life holding importance. It is sacred. Everyone has value.

Those silly fools trying to invade an Eden which exists in my mind. It is not their world and they have no control over it. Behold then, the power of imagination. A person can free themselves and live in a world that no one else controls.

Why then, bother with the media of this world? Because it is a shared reality we all create? I have doubts about that. I am sure we could find invisible sharks if that were the case. Quite a few people in my life have suggested invisible sharks are real. So, where are they? Ah, yes in the worlds created by the people whom imagine invisible sharks, of course. 🙂

You want control over a world? Try delving deep into yourself, find the candle upon the table in the darkened room. Ignite the candle. That flame is your dream, the candle your life. Burn your dream and create your own new world. Instead of cursing darkness, light a candle.