Tao Of Grandfathers

Been a lot rattling in this mind today. We are hoping the wife’s grandfather has taken a turn for the better. The doctors say his pneumonia is clearing up.

They are containing him in intensive care still due to his heart rate being high. They are giving a drug to lower it, but it is only administered in intensive care, or emergency room settings as per protocol. This is understandable one supposes.

So, with that, my cat missing and a few other frustrations of living in general, I turned inward. I reflected upon life over all. In doing so I come to realize a benefit from having four grandfathers. Somewhat equate my wife’s grandfather as one of my grandfathers.

I had my grandfather from my dad, one from mom and one from my step-dad. This gives me four grandfathers. And the benefit given is something akin to a kind of Taoism. All four of these guys were, are cut from the old cloth. They were the builders, the defenders, farmers which defined what it meant to be these.

So, without further rambling …

_The Tao of Grandfathers_

0. Division

Forget any division, period and full stop. There is no division. We are all one and one is all. None are greater or less than the sum of all, nor greater nor less than any other. We are equals, even unto the amoeba.

1. Language

Language you use matters. Remember to “think, listen, think, listen and then, finally talk”. Also recall, no matter how much you attempt sanitizing and self censoring, you will ultimately offend someone. It will happen. Apologize, learn and grow from it.

2. Being

Everybody wants you being something. Some want you being nothing. Ignore everyone, listen to your innermost being and simply be yourself, be the best you’re able. You’re free to ignore even this guidance. All it is saying is, be the best possible you, you can be.

3. Now

Now is all anyone has, so use it. Don’t even think about what you did not do yesterday. And forget putting aside things for tomorrow. It’s today. It’s Right Now, always, Right
Now! Don’t look back. Don’t wait. Now is the only time you are promised.

4. Forgiveness

If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and forget the whole incident ever happened so long as you grow and learn from it. Offer this same forgiveness to others. This is called human dignity and love, compassion, respect.

5. Completion

Once a goal is achieved, a task finished, then, you walk away gracefully. Do not wait around for a reward, living is its own reward. Move on to the next goal or task. If rewards do catch up to you, accept them humbly and with gratitude, use them perhaps in attaining other goals, task finishing.

6. Greed

Run away from greed. Do not seek to possess many things. Things are used, people are loved. Be one to love more than to use. Greed like fear, leads one to nothing but evil. Yes, evil exists. Good does as well. If you remain without greed you create goodness. You need no more than you need. Wants are a penny a dozen and pass as quickly. One does not need wants. One needs love.

7. Fear

Fear can not exist. It is only one’s own imaginings of what may, or may not come to manifest. Fear leads one to believe in division. See number zero of these koans regarding division. In short, division as fear does not exist. Both of these are illusions of madness which greed invokes. So, an axis of evil is aptly, Fear, Division, Greed.

We fight evil by the same manner of fighting fires, remove one of the three needs of fire, fire is vanquished. Recall evermore, fear does not exist. Without fear, no division, without division, no greed … no evil.