Fri 21 Feb 2014 11:29:58 EST

Got ahead three more days on 300 Word Verges. This means I have enough there until Monday. I am happy with my writing progress, continuing.

Our cat, a black fur-ball named “Brother”, has gone missing. This has me a bit worried. We live in an area where coyotes roam.

Not sure why but Brother has not done his usual duty of helping feed everyone of a morning. Today is his second morning of not doing his duty. Aside from the coyotes, the creek is up in the bottom. It flooded out of its banks in the past few days.

I took a walk around the bottom this morning and saw that. Saw a deer running on the hill behind the house as well. Lots of tracks in the bottom. They followed the creek last night, grazed, drank.

Sometime today, need to get the pups a second course of worm medicine. Then, we can start “farming” some of them out.

Been having a feeling of something missing. Also last night admitted to the wife, I am having trouble in finding enjoyment. Life is just life, it keeps on going, same day as same day.

Still, I can say at least I’m not a bacteria capitulating with another bacteria in fecal matter. *chuckles*