Mon Feb 17 19:37:39 EST 2014

I recently watched The Magic of Belle Isle, again. In it the character played by Morgan Freeman tells a little girl, writing about a character let him do something on the page he could not do in life.

That is how it seems to be with me. I may write of having human children. The reality is though, unless me and my wife adopted, I can not father human children.

At times this can weigh on me, bring sadness. Other times, I am so glad to not have children to be worried about. Me and my wife joke that it is not child abuse for us to turn our children outdoors, with them being dogs and cats.

Got a few days ahead on the writing exercises. I have enough until the 19th of this month. Been listening to Chism’s on our Roku‘s Shoutcast application. It helps fend off a lot of noise and unneeded drama.

Her grandfather is in I.C.U at our local hospital, on the list to go to Charleston’s hospital. It seems with pneumonia, fractured disc, ribs, he had to go and have a mild heart attack on top of them. Her dad went out to the hospital a few hours ago.

Not being mean, but it may be better granddad is in hospital. Her dad has looked rough himself these past few weeks. He has been at his dad’s house, doing everything for him. yes, I know family does for family. Also know burn out is burn out. Her dad looked really frazzled out those few hours ago.

Her sister has not been much comfort to be around here. It seems every time my wife and I engage in conversation, her sister has to come interject herself. I usually just clam up in full, try to make it clear through subtlety that she interrupted us, our private time.

My wife stops too. She then makes it clear that she is taking a pause, to address her sister. And her sister not only interrupts us, but she also waits until my wife goes to lie down for a nap or to bed and waltzes into our bedroom bombarding her with questions about needless crap.

I sigh long and hard, recall her sister is a blond. I think she also has a notion she is the center of the universe. I have no problem with someone being confident, that is a great thing and way to be. But when a person becomes arrogant or childish in their engagements with others, it bothers me a good bit. Saying that is difficult, because there is no way I can see to say it without hurting someone else’s feelings. And I rather not do that, simply because I can empathize with having hurt feelings.

Well, been trying using a vaporizer for nicotine delivery. So far, it seems to be doing well. I still smoke regular cigarettes, but not as much. Need to get off of regular cigarettes as they have too many other toxic chemicals in them. Guess that “talks me out” for today.