Mon Feb 17 07:02:09 EST 2014

An update regarding my computing situation follows. It was a dire night in Swampville, Kentucky. The horrid crickets chirpped away the black velvet night.

Oh excuse me, slipped off into another story. 🙂 The computing issue is this, bad motherboards. The one I had was ordered over six to ten years ago, for my original self directed built machine. this “original” one had gone bad as per matter of course with expected rate of entrophy for motherboards.

The “new” one I had got to try to rebuild the monster with, well, it too had gone bad. And so, my wife, is ordering me a “new”, new one. *chuckles* It is a used board. I am told though I can flash the BIOS and it will work well enough for a long enough while.

Also discovered recently a program which is installed natively in Debian Linux. I had mentioned using the program Par to format text. Well, there is also fmt, which does much the same thing. As it is installed as part of any generic Linux distrobution, no need exists to add it. This is nice to know as my wife was against me adding Par, or much of anything at all.

I understand her reasoning and agree it is rude when sharing her computer, to install extra things. So, knowing fmt is part of the standard stuff is useful. I can use it to format my text instead of par.

Later on, I will try to do some more writing. At present I am about a day ahead. Still not quite awake here, now.