Sat Feb 15 08:36:01 EST 2014

Yesterday was a bit interesting. My wife gave me yet another reason for loving her. We were both lounging around and she looks over at me. “I ought to make you write, so you don’t get behind.”

Thought I had few more days in the buffer than were there. So, I fussed a bit regarding not having a computer to use. My handwriting is worse than the scribbling doctors are sometimes infamous for having. No way I am going to write stuff out longhand, return and be able to transcribe it.

“Use my new vacuum cleaner”, she said. Her new laptop has been dubbed a vacuum due to the sound it emits. It is a perfectly good computer, functions. It was an old military grade laptop and now has Debian Linux on it. But it whistles a bit, sounding like someone is running a vacuum.

She even wanted me writing up a few more days ahead. Told her I was alright. I am glad she looks out for me. She knew I had started writing again, knew it was just a humble self challenge. Still she wants her guy to whoop her guy, doing this writing stuff. Her other laptop may as well be junk. It cuts out in the midst of doing anything.

You need to cajole it by a series of presses on the face plating, then, look at it a certain way. And it swaps out which way you need to hold your eyes each time. So, me and her are sharing her “new” laptop.

I have new memory ordered for my tower computer. We slapped in a new motherboard. The thing still would not go to post, or Bios. So, it was decided that memory was the issue. We also swapped cpu, giving it back the triple core. It is using the on-board graphics card for now.

Everything else based on hardware checks out. The only thing software related is a need to run fsck as root, have it repair the journaling system. This really is not an issue. Once done, likely be another three to four months before needing fsck ran again. Even then it will do it automatically at reboot and go through rather swiftly.

I would seldom reboot though. *chuckles* Not much need of it when you run Linux. Well, I may get a bit after while to write up a few more days ahead. Today’s quickie drew upon some childhood memory. 🙂