Tue 11 Feb 2014 11:39:12 EST

Having some computing difficulty. As a result, going to build a new to
me, Frankenstein computer. There was an old Dell motherboard available
which supports an AMD triple core cpu. Also have a new graphics card.

Will set that up in my case. If everything goes okay then, it was likely
the motherboard I had went toasty. If there is still an issue, may be
the effect from bad memory. We are trouble shooting. For now, using
wife’s old laptop as she bought a new one.

It is good I am few days ahead on the writing. Will try to stay
concurrent with that. If I falter, most likely it will be from computing
issues. Again, being honest. Pretty rough when your software outlasts
the hardware. Thinking my old computer had a good four to five years on

Also found out the motherboard may not have been one capable of
supporting the cpu models I used. *chuckles* When I ordered it, thought
it was all compatible. Oh well, life loves tossing us screwball jokes.