Mon 10 Feb 2014 23:47:28 EST

After reading this brief article, it is my opinion impeachment and
possibly court-martial on grounds of treason be commenced in earnest.
And in all good consciousness I believe we ought to do the same for
Congress & Senate as well.

They have not acted to represent the people by not acting to halt the
POTUS duly electing himself king. While at it, we should turn over all
fiat currency to the Federal Reserve Bank & be rid of that as well. We
can manage using barter and the gift economy until such time we decide
upon other currency/ies of fair value and social responsibility.

Yes, hear me roar. This circus is out of control and keen on dragging
all down. May not know much, but do know right being right and wrong
being wrong, this is pure wrong. Let’s make the right, right again. Make
it so!