Mon 10 Feb 2014 08:55:37 EST

Post number twenty two on 300 Word Verges is not 300 words. I am not revising at this time either. The scene itself works being 400 words instead of 300, at least imho. Later, I may revise and cut a bit out, or may not.

If a hundred words over in a post upsets you? Well, get over it. I already did. *chuckles* I look at the three hundred words as a guideline target. Maybe one day I will lack a few words in a post, this longer one can average the few missing words out. It is a non-issue to me. Thought would let folks know, simply out of honesty.

Been watching the HBO series True Detective. I am hopeful the plot twist is not similar to the movie Identity, where the killer was multiple personalities. I think such a cheap way out would ruin an otherwise good story.

Well, Chism’s on the bay is playing Let’s Dance. 🙂 Not sure how I managed now, without such a nice radio station. Suppose I am akin to the character in the novels by Anne Rice, entranced by the music to a point of becoming lost at times. Oh well, could be worse things to become hooked on.

Yay! a Henry Mancini tune now on Chism’s. 🙂 Such a really nice way to mark off nine o’ clock in the morning. Pleasant reminder to go feed all the critters, myself. Be safe, happy.