Sat 08 Feb 2014 12:36:44 EST

Been even more of a busy bee in regards to writing. Have everyone set up until next Wednesday. Found a nice radio station which plays a mix of smooth jazz.

I use a program called RadioTray for streaming internet
based radio stations. The station I found is Chism’s Music On The Bay & in my opinion this station is well worth the listening.

Bet most are a bit surprised I listen to anything but AC/DC. πŸ˜‰ Variety helps in keeping a person balanced, whole. Music has variety galore, as do writer’s having many voices. Not all book covers give away the full story.

Am hopeful today will be a restful one. Yesterday, I went into town with my wife. She needed to fill two grocery orders. Her grandfather had made up a list for down there with her father. Then, she needed an order of things for our supper.

Well, as it happens she needed to get me a new belt. It seems I have one here at home. It remains in plain sight, in one spot, until it is needed. Then, mysteriously this belt in plain sight vanishes. *chuckles* We blame sprites, sock monsters do not need belts. Not sure why sprites would either, yet we’ll blame them.

So, into Wal-Mart I went despite myself. She mentioned having a craving to crochet and Wal-Mart having a stock of yarn. It was clear she did not seek to go overboard in spending money for the yarn, but the temptation was gnawing on her. And she found me two pair of sweat pants at five dollars each. My belt was about twelve dollars. I think I remember where it is, after taking it off yesterday. *chuckles* πŸ™‚

I think she managed to stay around twenty dollars for her four or five skeins of yarn. Neither of us were looking to merely piss away our tax return money. She rather try getting her truck back on the road. I agree with her on that. The general thought is it may cost around two thousand to do that. We’ll see.

Well, journalism is all done today, lest I find something of interest later. Hope everyone is doing well, be safe, be happy. πŸ™‚