Thu 06 Feb 2014 16:22:25 EST

Have had a rather busy day, today, at home. My father in law allows me the duties of the burnable trash. So, as it had piled up in the front room, I got it out and burned it.

This took me about a half hour. I used the barrel we have for burning. The weather here has ensured that the ground is super saturate. The fire was going nowhere, even had if it tried.

Also went up to the truck, hauled a wheelbarrow load of five bags of wood pellets down. I then unloaded these in the front room, placing them upon the stack. We have nearly twenty bags. This ought to last us about a week, maybe two depending on the weather.

Not forgetting the writing, I wound up getting myself two days ahead on my exercises. Yep, another story, or scene from Jack is coming up. Poor Alex, wonder if he will ever become a gourmet chef now. Readers will appreciate that once they see what he has done. 🙂

Am finding too, listening to AC/DC, especially the old classic stuff from when Bon Scott was still kicking, helps me emotionally. It makes me feel really good. Then, I have always been something of a Live Wire type of personality despite my introversion, it is almost a perversion. Angus Young is quite a blues guitarist and it does come through the rock music.

Also took care of feeding our pups, twice. The little ones need morning and afternoon feedings. Also have to watch and ensure they get enough water. Well, it has been a long day here.