Fri 31 Jan 2014 10:53:54 EST

It seems as though Jack is finding ways to creep through. Damn sneaky bastard. *chuckles* I refer to Hatch’s plots, which are usually mere quick jots.

These I find working themselves into part of the meshing in Jack’s story. And yes, I realize the mayor called him John. There is rationale for this which becomes apparent later on.

Simply put, Jack likes to stay “outside” to avoid a hassle. His friend Alex helps him in this by using aliases for Jack. This will be found added into the story.

As I write this out, find it a bit liberating. The writing offers a mirror of fragmented memories, memories of not being an official “top dog” but of being in close proximity of the top dogs. Not sure I could have weathered being in that pack.

It also helps in facing some of the daily living. Have a teen age nephew whom has been known to play something like Halo for twenty hours straight. He has a top of the line headset with a mike on it, yet still hollers loud enough to be heard for three counties.

Never mind the fact we are next door to his bedroom, the walls are only pressure treated plywood panels on a frame. There was no insulation placed in the walls. That is left to the roof and “attic”.

Our house is a cinder block basement dug into a hill. In all honesty one could say it is nicely dressed up hovel, but a hovel nonetheless. My wife and I live with her parents, her sister and her family.

We have our bedroom. It has no door. The only doors are those going outside, one on the bathroom. We are dry, warm, safe from the elements. So, as a shelter it serves its function.

At times this grates on me. I recall my grandfather’s generation, and his father’s both having men build homes. Reading the Firefox series of books, which boast more Appalachian know how than an oak stump sign post, reveals building a cabin would be exhaustive.

It is something I keep considering at times. Still, a person realizes too that such undertakings would require a little money. Rocks, lumber and other supplies do not magically appear nor does land.

Fairly sure if the money bit were out of the way, I could follow instruction from a guide book such as the Foxfire series. Sure, there may bits I would like help with doing. Believe her dad could be helpful for those bits, especially if it was understood they were invited to our home.

Oh well, one can dream and hope.